Detroit Public Schools Lemonade Day

June 7, 2013 all-day
Most schools

On Friday June 7th, Detroit Public Schools Lemonade Day 2013 will be observed throughout DPS when over 52,000 students will demonstrate the entrepreneurial principles they have learned over the past three months as part of their academic curriculum, by opening and operating a Lemonade stand!

A variety of lessons from different subjects will be incorporated into this project. English Language Arts: students can write marketing plans or solicit letters for assistance; for Science, students can assess whether they are using quality ingredients; for Math, students can account for all liabilities/revenues and calculate whether they produce a profit, practice addition and subtraction and produce receipts; for Social Studies, students can learn about the economics of running a lemonade stand.

Lemonade Day is a FREE experiential learning program that prepares youth to start, own and operate their own business—a Lemonade stand—and empowers the next generation of entrepreneurs by teaching them the 14 core principles to start any successful business. The national program is FREE due to widespread support from sponsors like Google, the
organization’s national innovation sponsor, and Huntington National Bank, the local Lemonade Day sponsor, who championed the program to bring it to Detroit.

Over 52,000 DPS students will participate by operating their Lemonade stands and then using their profits responsibly as the Lemonade Day motto teaches: spend a little, save a little, share a little. Spend a little on yourself, save a little for a rainy day, and share a little with a local non-profit.

About Lemonade Day Detroit Public Schools
Lemonade Day is a national program that involves project-based cross-curricular activities that culminate with students operating their own businesses in the form of lemonade stands. More than 52,000 students will participate in the Detroit Public Schools Lemonade Day on Friday, June 7, 2013. For these lessons, students work collaboratively and apply their content area lessons, as they learn the basics of entrepreneurship including: goal setting, planning, budgeting, pricing, profits, loss and more. To learn more about Lemonade Day, visit

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